Q1  Do you keep a waiting list ?

We operate on pre-reservation basis once we have kittens available. We accept that future plans for your home may change [in between the time of your enquiry and when we have kittens available] therefore we prefer our time to be focused on families that are 100% committed when we have kittens.  

Q2  Colours

We breed a range of standard Scottish Fold colours but the truth of it, is that it's very much a colour lottery.  The females will mostly be Torti (meaning a solid base with cream/gold/bicolour highlights, and the Males will be Solid or Bicolour. 

Q3  What is the price of your kittens?
Damewood Pedigree Kittens are AUD $4,500 to $5,500 and this price range is subject to seasonal change.  We may vary our price based on ear set and whether they are male/female. 

Q4 What is included in the price of your kittens?

Sydney families will have their kittens personally delivered by us or we can arrange air/road transport which are priced on location. All kittens are Worm/Flea Treated, come with a Vet Passport showing 2 x Vet Checks and weights, 2 x Vaccinations, Sterilization, Pedigree Papers, Luxury Kitten Pack and lots of high quality photos and videos.