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Our mating's are thoughtfully planned with a "Quality not Quantity" foundation as well as seasonal compatibility.

Our philosophy remains true to the Breed Standards aligned with our own principles of Health, Temperament and Type.

All of our kittens are reared indoors.  They are invariably well handled, socialized and it is clear they benefit from having spent their formative days in a home environment.

Kitten availability is limited as we do not keep a waiting list or take deposits.  We prefer to match the kitten's personality with the family and their needs.

All our kittens come with a Cats NSW Registered Pedigree, so you can be certain of their provenance and quality.

Our breeding cats have Basic Trait Screening prior to breeding (please request copies) and are guaranteed  free from illness such as, Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Aids (FiV) and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Scottish Folds

There are plenty of theories around why some litters have folded ears but it all comes down to genetics.  Some kittens get a copy of the fold gene, and some do not. 

Mating's (on average) produce 50% kittens with folded ears, which are registered as Scottish Folds, and the remaining 50% will be straight-ear kittens, registered as Scottish Shorthairs. 

We recommend you read more about Scottish Folds and their health prior to purchase.

It is widely known that OCD genetics are what causes the ears to fold, so it's pretty much a given that almost all Scottish Folds will develop it in some form as they mature and any breeder that tells you otherwise, clearly has not done their homework.  We do not breed Fold to Fold.

We do use a high percentage of British Shorthair in our program which can produce Scottish Folds with a higher ear set.   


If you have expressed an interest in our cattery, we are grateful as we want to ensure that all Damewood kittens are adopted into loving families with similar principles to ours.

Please email us with an introduction about you and your family, your location and if this is your first cat purchase.

We have a closed cattery for privacy and health reasons, however you are welcome to meet us at our next open cat show or book a live video chat for an obligation-free discussion.


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Meredith & David White

Meredith & David White
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