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External Sires

We are extremely grateful to Britern British Shorthair Cattery and Circle K Cattery
for assisting us with our Breeding Program from 2019 through to 2021.

ANCATS DIA DGC & DIA DB NAT CH Britern Backstreet Ned Kelly (Ned)
BSH a  -  2010 Blue British Shorthair - Photo Credit Animaleyes
Owned and Bred by Mr Ern Fuller
Britern Blooming Lilac Teddy (Teddy)
BSH c  -  2019  Lilac British Shorthair
Bred by Mr Ern Fuller
Triple K Boso (Vance) 
SFS a 21 71  - 2016  Blue Tabby Van
Bred and Owned By Mrs Fiona Tresize